Plan for Special Education

As a public school, Olive Grove Charter Schools, Inc. (OGCS, Inc.) has an important obligation to serve students with exceptional needs. OGCS, Inc. will adhere to all laws and/or consent decrees, as applicable, affecting individuals with exceptional needs, including all provisions of the Individual with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA), its amendments, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Office for Civil Rights mandates, and AB 602. All students will be given equal access to the school regardless of disabilities, and OGCS, Inc. will not discriminate against any student nor deny admissions to any student based on his/her disabilities or lack of availability of special ed services. All students with disabilities will be accorded a Free, Appropriate Public Education. Section 504 services required by OGCS, Inc. students will be the responsibility of the school.

Under applicable state and federal law, a charter school has various options on how to deliver special education and related services, including (1) as an arm of the charter-granting agency and (2) as an independent local education agency (LEA). The school will function as an independent LEA pursuant to Education Code Section 47641(a). The El Dorado County Office of Education Charter Schools SELPA (EDCOE Charter SELPA) has accepted the school as an LEA member through participation in the Northstate Joint Powers Authority consortium of schools.

As an LEA member of the EDCOE Charter SELPA, Olive Grove Charter Schools, Inc. shall receive special education funding and/or services in the same manner as other LEA members of the SELPA. The school will be responsible for the provision of services reasonably necessary to ensure that all learners with exceptional needs who attend the school are provided a free and appropriate education.

Provision of Services

As an LEA, Olive Grove Charter Schools, Inc. will provide and/or procure and manage all activities related to assessment, individualized education plan (IEP) development and service provision. The school will hire and/or contract special ed personnel to provide all services required by the IEPs of Olive Grove Charter Schools, Inc. students.

The school plans to implement a “student success team” (SST) model to strategize ways to meet student needs within the regular instructional setting. Students who are not demonstrating success in academic classes will be referred to the SST process. The team will implement and monitor the success of varied strategies within the general education setting before initiating special education assessment.

The school will implement all special education and related services called for by the IEP as required by the SELPA.

A copy of each IEP shall be maintained at the school site. Service providers from other agencies who provide instruction or a related service to the individual shall be provided a copy of the IEP. All IEPs shall be maintained in accordance with state and federal student record confidentiality laws.

Olive Grove Charter Schools, Inc. belongs to the El Dorado County Charter Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) for special education services.

For more information, please go to the EDCOE SELPA website: WWW.EDCOECHARTERSELPA.ORG

Please visit El Dorado Charter SELPA’s governance page, where they keep updated copies of their local plan, the annual budget and service plan, and a master list of current schools.